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Building Resilience Produces Better Results: White Paper

A publication by vielife and Right Management Workplace Wellness

Companies gain competitive advantage by building higher levels of employee wellbeing

Today a wide range of poor lifestyle behaviors including poor nutrition, lack of sleep and low levels of physical activity are affecting employee wellbeing, leading to an inability to cope with life’s stresses. Those unable to cope well are more likely to suffer from higher levels of sickness and absenteeism. These employees are also less likely to perform effectively at work.


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Research has shown that by building workforce resilience, employers can help their employees to cope more effectively with stress. Organizations – both public and private – intervening early with workplace wellbeing programmes, positively affect employee resilience. These organizations benefit from increased competitive advantage, an increased ability to innovate and higher levels of employee engagement with associated increases in performance and profitability.

 “The world of work is changing. We are entering the ‘Human Age’ where human potential will be the major agent of economic growth.1 However, that potential is being challenged by three key factors: talent shortage, ageing and non-communicable diseases, all of which are intricately connected.2”


About vielife and Right Management Workplace Wellness

Right Management and vielife are strategic partners in the provision of innovative wellness and productivity solutions for clients around the world that combine Right Management’s employee engagement and talent management consulting with vielife’s health and wellbeing interventions.


1. Manpower Inc. Entering the Human Age: Thought Leadership Insights, (, (2011). 

2. World Economic Forum in conjunction with The Boston Consulting Group. The Workplace Wellness Alliance: Investing in a Sustainable Workforce, (2012).


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