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For healthy and measurable results

Your global wellness strategy is only as good as the data you have informing it. At vielife, we recognise the overall importance of data and metrics and provide you with robust management reporting to help you get the most out of your employee health programmes and truly measure your health and wellness ROI.

We can help you:

  • See health risks country by country
  • Track impacts over time
  • Understand your demographics, locations, specific health issues, trending and much more. 

The tangible benefit to good reporting is providing you with the ability to monitor how impacts have affected your employees so that you can measure and change your approach for a maximum ROI on your wellness programmes.

Our targeted reporting helps identify specific health and wellness needs of your population. This enables you to deliver targeted and relevant health promotion programmes. These may include vielife's lifestyle management programmes as well as your own existing benefits and services.

You have the choice of a number of reporting solutions, so we can find the best one for you.

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