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Case Studies


Delivering results for a major telecommunications operator

Since 2007, vielife has partnered with one of the world ‘s leading integrated telecommunications operators, to deliver targeted health promotion initiatives to promote a productive, healthy and engaged workforce. vielife’s health and wellbeing assessment and lifestyle management programmes have helped the organisation improve staff effectiveness and job satisfaction, while reducing stress and health risks throughout the company. Amongst the results are: a 6.4% improvement in overall health score, 15.8% improvement in physical activity, 10.2% improvement in risk behaviour and 8.6% improvement in stress. Through their wellness programme, the company has fostered a happier and more productive workforce, which has been instrumental in the company’s recognition as an employer of choice and its success in 2010 ‘Best Workplace in the UK’ and in 2011 ‘25 Best Multinational Workplaces in Europe’ awards. vielife’s online solutions and programmes were specifically noted as critical components to their award winning status.


Developing a bespoke heart health assessment for one of the UK's best known charities

 The charity commissioned vielife in July 2009 to create the heart lifestyle check as part of the unique package of support and information offered through its national heart programme. The heart lifestyle check is unique in that it targets improving modifiable lifestyle factors relating to a single healthcare issue. vielife provides a managed technology platform for hosting the heart lifestyle check while also creating structured personalised content that results in accurate and relevant outcomes in relation to the individual’s profile and health need. Moreover the check provides specific information on how to lead a healthier lifestyle that reduces the risk of future cardiovascular illness and benefits the heart generally.Since its launch, in January 2010, the heart lifestyle check has attracted over 41,500 registered participants. Of those, over 37,500 individuals have taken the assessment and received a personalised heart health program that is often the first step on the journey towards better heart health.


Creating a culture of health and wellbeing for one of the most respected engineering and construction companies in the world

vielife has been working with the organisation since 2005 providing an onsite wellness programme in 6 UK locations and available to 700 employees. The wellness service is provided exclusively through the vielife’s registered nurses and includes a range of holistic services aimed at helping the company’s employees to look after the minds and bodies and  deal with any issues before it affects them in the workplace and at home. The programme runs a number of health initiatives on a yearly basis, including events such as, Know Your Numbers (biometric testing) days, nutrition advice and guidance, and breast cancer awareness workshops. Each event is open to all employees on a voluntary basis. Each appointment is designed in consultation with the employee to support the individual, and the culture and policies of the organisation. Confidential information is kept securely and used to monitor progress. From a recent satisfaction survey we conducted, 95% thought the vielife wellness service was ‘excellent’, ‘very good’ or ‘good’ while, 85% of the employees who participated, “agreed” or “strongly agreed” that they felt “motivated to act on the information given during their session with our nutritionist”.



Delivering a consistent, global but localized wellness strategy for the world's largest medical technology company


The organisation launched the vielife solution in 2011, in 10 countries around the world in 14 localised languages and 38 locations, reaching more than 6,000 employees globally. The programme comprises of the entire vielife solution that includes the health and wellbeing assessment, four targeted assessments and our four lifestyle management programmes. What is more, a bespoke engagement strategy has been developed for the organisation tailored to the requirements of each region. Although is it too soon to demonstrate health improvement, the initial assessment drives have identified the most common medical conditions and health risk factors seen across the organisation’s population as well as the populations’ current health and wellness status per country and location. The overall health and wellbeing score has shown significant correlation with work performance. Employees with an optimal overall health and wellbeing score, report 23% more effectiveness, 23% better job satisfaction scores and 3.1 times less sickness absence  than employees with poor health and wellbeing scores. The organisation is due to launch 7 more countries in 2012 which will bring the total number of localised languages to 21 and will cover more than 15,000 employees worldwide.



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