Engaging corporate wellness

Build your business case

Visit our online Compendium of Research Evidence and build your business case for investing in a health and wellbeing strategy.

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Wellness strategies worldwide

Read our client success stories and learn about best practice in health and wellbeing strategies around the world.

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vielife challenges - You Can

The vielife challenges are a fun and effective way to engage a large, diverse, global employee population. By improving social networking within a company and adding some healthy competition, the You Can challenges educate employees about their health and wellness, while uniting individuals and teams around a common goal

vielife offers a wide range of challenges to get your company going. Choose from an activity challenge, a nutrition challenge or our latest challenge based on all four pillars of health - You Can Make Changes challenge.

How does it work?

Individuals join the challenge and sign up as a member of a team. The team then works together to improve their health - whether it’s increasing activity, improving diet, or sleep quality. Actions are logged regularly via an online tracker system. Individual, team and organisational results are displayed in a fun and dynamic way.

Our challenges are also a great way to help maximise participation in the vielife Online solution and your return on investment. You Can challenges, repeatedly drive people to the vielife site for healthy tips, information and health assessment. Increased engagement with the solution ultimately provides you with even more information about your global workforce.

The benefits:

  1. Unites a large population of people often in different physical locations via a virtual social network
  2. Provides a service that is fun, innovative and encouraging of healthy behaviours around sleep, stress, nutrition, activity, and many more
  3. Encourages small healthy steps – ones that are easy to take, maintain and track  
  4. Helps to encourage a global culture of health and wellness through game mechanics
  5. Improves brand identity and loyalty among employees


Some key features:

  • Global – translated and localised as required
  • Integrated – part of the vielife Online solution
  • Effective – delivered with an offline engagement campaign designed to build anticipation, trigger interest and generate healthy competition
  • Customised approach – once we’ve analysed your population’s health needs, your account manager will help select the challenge that will have the biggest impact on your organisation

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Engaging corporate wellness