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 A health and wellbeing intervention is an important element of your wellness strategy – but it doesn’t stop there. Increasing employee engagement and maximising participation is the key to a successful health and wellbeing strategy. Participant engagementwith health and wellness programmes is crucial to promoting healthy behavioural change as well as driving return on your investment.

The secret lies in understanding how to engage your population. Every population is different and at vielife we are equipped with the right skills, tools and resources to survey different employee populations around the world. We then suggest interventions and an engagement strategy that will promote positive behaviour change and will ultimately lead to measurable business improvements.

vielife understands the value of messages that will resonate on a local level for the organisation and on a personal level for each individual. We use ongoing, relevant and customised communications that work for you. All of our wellness engagement solutions are flexible and customisable to work for your organisation and your brand.

Building a culture of health and wellbeing is a long-term partnership both for vielife and for our clients. Intervention and reassessment is a process that will continue throughout the duration of our partnership with your organisation.

Although we can demonstrate value from the first year, we highly recommend to our clients a three-year engagement plan that will be able to demonstrate return on investment and improvement in employee health and wellbeing by:

  • Ensuring the right interventions and engagement plans are in place
  • Instigating a culture of health and wellbeing and positive behaviour change
  • Supporting the momentum of the client’s health and wellbeing strategy and interventions
  • Maintaining focus on health and wellbeing improvement for the client’s population
  • Boosting the client’s company values in the eyes of their employees

We know that just having wellness promotion programmes and services isn’t enough – driving engagement drives change.The greater the engagement and participation in your wellness plan, the greater the strength of your data and your return on investment.


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