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Visit our online Compendium of Research Evidence and build your business case for investing in a health and wellbeing strategy.

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Read our client success stories and learn about best practice in health and wellbeing strategies around the world.

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Asleep on the job (Webinar)
The secret in improving employee productivity

The importance of certified health assessments (Webinar)
With only 16 organizations awarded the NCQA certification, we talk about the importance of certified health appraisals

Healthy swaps to avoid stress (Video)
How to improve reactive behaviour by changing a few simple things


Returning to work from maternity leave (Podcast)
One vielife employee shares her personal experience of returning to work from maternity leave


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In the News


Case Studies, Literature


vielife receives National Committee for Quality Assurance

Performance on a plate, Financial Times

  Compendium of research evidence; key published evidence and research relating to health and performance management at work
The importance of a wellness solution, CFO Agenda   Building resilience produces better results; companies gain competitive advantage by building higher levels of employee wellbeing
Get your data healthy, MoneyMarketing, Corporate Adviser   Going global with health and wellbeing analytics; successful use of analytics and web based tools has helped Medtronic's vision for employee
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International Health Events

Podcast: Prostate Cancer: facts, statistics and information from The Wendy Gough Heart Foundation
Video: How to avoid stress: making some small changes can make such a difference to stress levels
Podcast: Testicular Cancer
: information, symptoms and treatment options