The impact of health health risks on medical expenses
The impact of health risks on absence from work and productivity
The business benefits of health promotion programmes

Welcome to the vielife
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The use of quality research is integral to everything that we do at vielife. We published our first research compendium in 2004. Since then we have witnessed a huge growth in the evidence around the interrelation of work and health. We better understand not only how well-being affects the health status of employees, but also their absence and productivity in work.

The purpose of this database is to make it simple to find research relevant to work and health. The aim is not to create an exhaustive analysis, but an accessible summary of key published evidence relating to health and performance management.

How to navigate the research compendium database

You can explore the evidence in several ways. All research is grouped under one of the three main sections of research:

The Index also enables navigation by study Author or Keyword, such as country of research or health risk. You can return to this list at any time by clicking on the Index button found at the top right on the screen.